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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you accepting new patients?

Yes! We are always accepting new patients. Simply register for an appointment on our homepage and we will reach out to you.

2. What if I don't have any insurance?

Each visit will be $60. Lab draws and procedures are separate. Please ask our front desk when you come in!

3. How long do I have to wait to be seen?

Depending on the schedule, we can usually see you the same week. Walk-in's are always welcome.

4. How long will my appointment take?

Depending on the type of appointment it can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes.

5. Can my first appointment be telemedicine?

The first appointment is an office visit so the provider can do a physical exam and assessment.  

6. How much does  a COVID-19 test cost?

Your insurance should cover it. If you do not have insurance, it will be $140. 

7. What kind of COVID-19 test do you offer?

We offer the PCR swab test and the antibody test, which is a blood draw.

8. I am going to be traveling soon. Will my results be back in time?

Results can take anywhere from 12-24 hours depending on the volume of testing and time of collection. After that, they will uploaded through our portal and can be accessed from anywhere.

9. Are you administering the COVID-19 vaccine?

Currently, we do not offer the COVID-19 vaccine. Please contact your local pharmacy for more information.

10. Is it safe for me to take the vaccine?

That is a question for your provider as they can best determine that based on your personal health. Simply register on our homepage to find out!

11. What is link to the patient portal?

12. What if I need to submit documents to the provider?

You can email us at our dedicated clinical email at

We accept these health plans and more:

Don't see your plan? We accept many more insurance plans than is currently listed. Contact us for more information. 

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